• Universitetet i Bergen
  • Høst 2012
  • nokobit, publikasjon, ar, artikkel

Høsten 2012 publiserte Tor en artikkel sammen med Kristine Jørgensen om bruk av tegneserier for visualisering av funn fra kvalitative undersøkelser av spill.


Artikkelen beskriver hvordan man kan benytte tegneserier for å formidle funn i forskning. Abstractet lyder som følger:

"Advancement in handheld device capabilities and an increased feasibility of augmented reality (AR) technology has lead to an increase development and use of augmented reality games. In this paper we propose a practice for studying different types augmented reality games. The practice was developed through experimenting in pilot studies and testing the approach on two different games. One session was executed with three participants experiencing an AR game for the Playstation 3 while seven users underwent the process using a mobile AR game.

The proposed approach apply the think aloud method in combination with careful and extensive video recording to enable illustration and analysis of interaction in a comic strip like format. A discussion of the weaknesses; strengths and potential pitfalls with our approach are presented to the readers. In conclusion we find that the specific qualities of AR games in general are opportune to be represented and analysed in this format and a checklist of steps to perform a similar study is presented to the reader."