• Universitetet i Bergen
  • Sommer 2009
  • ace, publikasjon, multitouch, artikkel

I 2009 publiserte Aleksander en artikkel som beskriver et rammeverk for interaksjon med roboter på en multitouch overflate.


Artikkelen beskriver hvordan man kan bruke roboter i sammen med multitouch overflater. Abstractet lyder som følger:

"Combining table top and tangible user interfaces is a relatively new research area. Many problems remain to be solved before users can benefit from tangible interactive table top systems. This paper presents our effort in this direction. RoboTable is an interactive table top system that enables users to naturally and intuitively manipulate robots. The goal of this research is to develop a software framework for human-robot interaction which combines table top, tangible objects, artificial intelligence and physics simulations and demonstrate the framework with game applications.."